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45 min

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Thursday, September 29

11:00 am PT 2:00 pm ET  

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Your members expect—and deserve—an extraordinary customer experience. But competition is fierce, and if members have a negative experience with you, they will quickly turn to another institution. 

How can you be sure that your credit union is doing everything possible to ensure a top-notch experience—and how can you retain members? That’s where customer experience (CX) technology can help. 

Depending on who you ask, the US economy may be on the edge of a prolonged drawback. Does that mean less consumer confidence? Absolutely. But does that also mean your members need you more than ever? 100%. 

Chris Fraenza, SVP of Sales and Partnerships at SavvyMoney, and Laurie Flanders, VP of Strategic Sales at Sogolytics, have key insights on practical ways that credit unions can care for members during a period of economic uncertainty.   
Learn from industry partners, drive efficiencies and productivity for your team, and provide even better support and care for your members.

Webinar Description


What “economic uncertainty” means for credit unions and how to better support your members  

Practical “doing more with less” strategies for member-centric organizations to 
help succeed in today’s market

Tools that can help credit unions to build trust with your members and help them save money during these challenging 
economic times 

Key Takeaways




Haris Azmi brings nearly ten years of employee experience and product expertise at SoGoSurvey to help clients all over the world implement best-in-class employee experience programs. 

Laurie Flanders 

Laurie is the VP of Strategic Sales with Sogolytics. While she considers herself an advocate of all feedback, she specializes in financial services providers. This focus area makes perfect sense, considering Laurie spent over 14 years in the Financial Services Industry, with 8 of those in the Credit Union space. Harnessing the power of member and employee feedback, she has contributed to the achievement of record-breaking production results, encouraged next level process and product improvements, and, most importantly, inspired epic culture enhancements.

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Chris Fraenza

Chris is the Senior VP of Sales and Partnerships at SavvyMoney. In his role, Chris leads the sales and partner management teams, ensuring success, tangible results, and exceptional service to their financial institutions and platform partners. Chris has been with SavvyMoney since February 2015 and has been instrumental in the incredible growth of over 900 bank and credit union partners. His career has been focused on helping financial institutions innovate and win the digital race, previously holding several positions at Filene Research Institute, the leading think tank & incubator for credit unions.

Thursday, September 29

45 min

11:00 am PT 2:00 pm ET  

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